Identity Fraud

All Modus products include cover for Identity Fraud. This represents a growing problem in the UK, with residential property owners being especially vulnerable when letting their property to tenants or when a property is left vacant.

Modus Identity Fraud provides cover for advisers’ costs of up to £25,000 to defend a policyholders’ legal rights and/or take reasonable steps to remove any County Court Judgements that have been obtained by an organisation that allege to have provided purchased, hired or leased goods or services from as a result of Identity Fraud.

The cover includes a new Cyber Support Helpline. This enables a customer to talk to an expert about problems they may be having with personal electronics that are believed to be related to a cyber attack. This includes:-

  • Immediate steps to be taken in the event of a Cyber attack
  • What can be done to restore the device to the state it was in before the attack
  • What can be done in the event of a Ransomware attack
  • Advice on financial losses suffered as a result of a Cyber attack